Hippocrates wrote, “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like it is cured”. In 1790, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Classical Homeopathy,  took several doses of Cinchona, which was used in his time to treat Malaria. Symptoms of trembling and cold limbs, heart palpitations, etc. were noted. The symptoms returned with each subsequent dose. Hahnemann recorded that Cinchona Bark was effective against Malaria, because it can produce similar symptoms in healthy people.


Like cures Like

 When two sounds which are similar, yet not exactly identical, come together, they vibrate in a frequency which will create a much louder sound than the individual sounds alone. Homeopathy’s principle of “Like cures Like” works in that very same manner. Symptoms (mental, emotional or physical) are the body’s language to signal that the energy system (vital force) is out of balance.  They are thus a reflection of said energy system within the patient’s body which has gone out of balance and is perhaps even stuck in that position, hence unable to find balance on its own. If a closely similar remedy (similar to the totality of symptoms of the patient) is given to the patient, the totality of his/her symptoms are amplified and the vital force of the patient is being stimulated to move towards a balanced state with renewed strength. Once balance has been achieved there will be no need for the expression of the vital force through the various symptoms of the body/emotions, as a balanced energy system is synonymous to a healthy organism.

Every individual has their very own signature of vital force. It’s expression in the healthy, balanced state is individually unique but also  its expression through symptoms in the unbalanced, unhealthy state is reflecting this uniqueness with a very specific signature that can be observed by the trained homeopath throughout all the physical symptoms, mental, emotional states as well as in dreams etc.

The remedies used by the homeopath are energetic in essence and hence touch upon the vital force of the patient in a very direct manner. It is for these reasons, that homeopathy does not treat diseases, but the patient in his/her individual totality.