Thank you for your interest in booking an appointment. Since I work with patients worldwide, there are no set office hours. I will try my best to find a time that works for your schedule. For bookings, you can contact me through email, text, or phone. (See Contact page for details). Consultations include the actual meeting in person in my practice in Eugene/OR,  or via video conference, as well as case analysis, remedy suggestion, and brief check-in/support between follow-up consultations as needed.


Intake/Follow-Up Consultation                     

$ 155 (PayPal)  

$ 150 (with cash/check discount)    


Acute Intake (for established patients)           

$ 42.50 (PayPal) 

$ 40       (with cash/check discount)


Please make checks out to “Claudia Patton” and mail to

Claudia Patton

2141 Van Buren St.

Eugene OR 97405