The cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole, and also no attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul.  For this is the error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians separate the soul from the body.”  PLATO



The Initial Consultation

In this initial meeting, the patient and the homeopath sit together for 1 – 2 hours where the patient informs the homeopath of all the symptoms present. This intake is very thorough and includes the patient’s history as well as the current state of health or disease.  The homeopath will gently elicit as much information as is needed for finding the similiumum, the most similar remedy matching the state the patient is in at the time of the consultation.

First Prescription

After taking the case, the homeopath will analyze and study the case and come to a decision for a remedy. She will also determine the remedy’s potency most suitable for the patient’s state, so that reinstatement of balance can occur in a very gentle and swift manner, in accordance with the homeopathic principles established by the founder of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann. The patient will then receive a remedy.

The Follow-up

Usually, after 6 – 8 weeks, a follow-up needs to be scheduled which will be a session of about  ½ hour – 1 hour duration, where the homeopath will check in with the patient and determine the action or non-action of the remedy. At this point the homeopath will decide whether to re-take the case in case of non-action of the remedy, or give another dose of the same remedy, or wait some more time for the action of the first prescription to complete.

Chronic Cases (Constitutional Treatment)

Chronic cases indicate a deeper disturbance within the vital force and a “groove” where the energy has come to be stuck in. This groove is often hereditary with additional conditioning by the life experiences and life styles of the patient. Such cases take longer to re-balance. Patience is needed from both the patient and the homeopath to work together over a longer period of time (1 – 5 years) with 2 – 6 follow-up sessions a year where the energy is gently guided into a place where balance can be experienced.

Acute Cases

In acute cases, the homeopath will decide whether any action (remedy) is needed in the first place, especially if the patient is being treated constitutionally  already. Most acute cases will resolve rather quickly on their own. Help through homeopathic remedies in acute cases is however also available and most acute cases will respond very quickly to a correctly chosen remedy.


This gentle treatment towards balance and wellbeing is available for patients of any age, infant to adult. It does not matter whether there is a medical diagnosis or not. Each patient is treated as an individual.